Meng Qu (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor at the Hiroshima University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Co-convener at Small Island Cultures Research Initiative (SICRI), Advisory Board member at CREATIVETOUR International, Design Director at Done-will Tech China, and Research Director at Art Island Center Japan. 


He currently oversees series of interdisciplinary research projects on marginal island communities in the Seto Inland Sea region of Japan. Japan's population decrease, combined with its shrinking periphery due to aging, depopulation, and economic stagnation, is part of a global trend of post-growth shrinkage in rural areas on a large scale. His research focuses on how to introduce new innovational assets, art events and creative tourism initiatives and revitalize communities in peripheral regions. 


He studied and worked as digital artist, interactive design director and vice president between Shanghai and Beijing in the digital media art and museum design industry (2006-2015). He is focusing on the revitalization of rural communities through international art festivals, by participating as a volunteer, staff member and researcher. Examples include the Xucun international Art Festival (2011-2013) in China, the Setouchi Triennale (2016-2019) in Japan as well as Shiosai Art Festival (2019-2020). His interests are gardening, pottery and aikido. Now he lives and researches in Higashihiroshima, Japan.


Selected Recent Publications:

Qu, M., & Funck, C. (2021). Rural Art Festival Revitalizing a Japanese Declining Tourism Island, Cultural Sustainability, Tourism and Development (Re)articulations in Tourism Contexts Duxbury Nancy (Eds), Routledge

Qu, M., McCormick, A. D., & Funck, C. (2020). Community resourcefulness and partnerships in rural tourism. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1-20.

Qu M (2020) ‘Teshima - from island art to the art island: Art on/for a previously declining Japanese Inland Sea Island’, Shima v14 n2, 250-265

Qu, M., & Cheer, J. M. (2020). Community art festivals and sustainable rural revitalisation. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1-20.

Zollet, S., & Qu, M. (2019). The Role of Domestic In-migrants for the Revitalization of Marginal Island Communities in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan.

Qu, M. (2017). The Aesthetic Experience of Augmented Reality Art. In ISEA 2017 Bio-creation and Peace, 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Arts: Manizales, Colombia (pp. 11-18).

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